The Digital Transformation of The UK College of Personal Development

Today is an important date in the history and development and evolution of the UK College of Personal Development.

For that last 10 years, we have engaged with e-learning options in a very small way, truthfully, we (I) were dragged into it by outside pressures.

The current health crises have forced us to take a long hard look at both our business model and hope we support both current students and College Members in a more sustainable way, and at the same time, pay the rent.

Training budgets have never recovered from the economic crash, and I also believe the market has changed with more and more people accessing learning and development material via the internet.

The concept of large training programmes in a physical location as a business model was struggling, the virus has, just like the rapid changes we see on the high street, accelerated this change to the online delivery of training and development.

Over the last 4 months, we have worked hard, I would say harder than we ever have in supporting both current students and College Members, it has been one of the greatest challenges the College has ever undertaken, we made some mistakes, we learnt fast and with the feedback and skills that we had, we have just about completed what seemed at the beginning of this process to be a somewhat impossible task.

We did, of course, have help, the professional bodies offered plenty of guidance and support. The ANLP, AC and the ILM were it seemed working just as hard as we were to offer support, suggestions and general support calls to ensure we both survived as an organisation and continued to support both current and new students.

Additionally, it seemed to us that something was missing from our collective knowledge and experience in delivering distance learning on such a large scale.

So we joined the Association of Distance Learning Colleges, who were super supportive and helpful with lots of guidance on making our regular classroom training work successfully in the virtual online experience.

We have now, just about completed the transformation, the moving of our entire training and coaching portfolio online, the digitisation of the college and all its services.


Of course, meeting people in the REAL world can’t be fully replaced, there is no digital version and hugs, handshakes and the warmth of social interaction, it matters and it’s a part of being a human being.

So, while we will continue to be an organisation that delivers quality and accredited training programmes in the online world, we will also bring something new to the experience of training and being a College Member.

Our intention is to (once it’s safe etc) is to, two or three times a year to have large events where we can all get together, engage in some great learning opportunities, some co-coaching and enjoy some quality time together and share our love and life experiences together, more on this in due course.

I mentioned at the start of this article that today was a key date, it is, because today is the last day of training that students that have been a part of and that have experienced the UKCPD Training Centre, the tea, coffee and Jaffa Cakes, as we continue to move forward this day will be the day that we changed for good, the day we became UKCPD – International!

Let’s continue to build a better future together.

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