The following information sets out the terms and conditions governing the supply of the NLP Practitioner & Optional Coaching Diploma Blended Learning Option including the Home Study Pack that this programme of studies contains.

The UK College of Personal Development will take every care to ensure the delivery of the products contained within the NLP Practitioner & Optional Coaching Diploma Home Study Pack. We reserve the right to make changes to the contents based on our ability to source specific items, academic and professional review of content and more useful or beneficial resources included or considered as a replacement or a change in the way the program is delivered or additional requirements by our accreditation and or professional bodies. Of course students will be informed of this at the time of purchase.

The required deposit for the full training programme is considered to be a payment for the Home Study Pack and all its contents. The full cost of this pack is the suggested retail investment cost of £500.00* plus VAT. (*subject to change)


That the student (the buyer of the product / training programme) contacts the UK College of Personal Development by telephone or in writing (e-mail will be accepted ONLY if followed by a telephone call to ensure the e-mails have been successfully received) to advise of any issues with:

The quality of the Home Study Pack
Difficulties understanding or applying their learning / inability to use the Home Study Pack Study Notes / and or Tutor support.

If after a discussion with the UK College of Personal Development a refund is agreed to be the best way forward, the Home Study Pack MUST be returned by registered post with the original packing in place and the contents unspoilt or used in such a way that renders them unsuitable for resale.

Once the returned Home Study pack has been received it will be inspected and the level of refund will be evaluated and the student will be advised.

Please Note:
Given the initial cost to the UK College of personal Development in time, resources, cost of postage etc, it is extremely unlikely that a student will receive a full refund in any case.

Statutory Rights:
In accordance with your statutory rights, you can return your Home Study pack within 7 days of receiving it and you contact the UK College of Personal Development giving a valid reason why you are unable to continue with your studies. Once the Home Study Pack has been returned with all the original packaging and is in pristine condition (i.e., CD’s and DVD’s unopened and text books unused) a refund will be issued excluding the cost of shipping to the student at the time of purchase.

By making the payment of the required deposit for the Home Study Pack and subsequent course of studies, you agree to these terms and conditions. By completing and submitting a sales order (paying deposit on a numbered invoice) you are making an offer to purchase goods and services which, if accepted by us, will result in a binding contract.

The UK College of personal Development considers the above to be both fair and in accordance with the current guidance on the Supply of Goods or Services and the Distance Selling Regulations.

We ensure that EVERY Prospective student has an interview BEFORE they are accepted as a student of the UK College of Personal Development; we ask each and every student what their learning expectations are, their professional and personal development outcomes are, and if there are any barriers or learning difficulties that need to be explored BEFORE a student commits to the programme.

Additionally, a full and comprehensive information pack is supplied to ensure that each and every student understands the type of training program they are registering, forming and contract and paying for. What we mean by this is the level of personal study required, the support that will be supplied and the specific requirements of the accrediting bodies etc.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.