NLP is a set of tools which can be used to facilitate powerful, quick and long-lasting change in both individuals and organisations.

It is an extremely flexible toolkit and can be used for a variety of different developmental way:
Personal Development

NLP can help individuals with challenges large and small in life, whether they are to overcome problems or increase performance:

  • Change, adopt or eliminate behaviours as you desireThe Benefits of NLP
  • Choose your mental, emotional and physical states at any time!
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Remove limiting beliefs
  • Access powerful internal resources
  • Get the results you want
  • Understand how to set and achieve personal and professional outcomes
  • Lead the life you want and deserve!

And so much more.

Benefits of NLP in the Business World

NLP has become extremely popular in the business world, with many organisations and consultants utilising a variety of NLP techniques to get businesses great results and quickly:

  • Improve people management and leadership skills
  • Communicate effectively to employees, customers and suppliers
    Develop presentation skills that really communicate to your audience
  • Develop powerful recruitment skills
  • Use strategies to maximise buying and selling opportunities
  • Apply effective problem-solving techniques
  • Remove limiting beliefs for self and team freeing

And so much more.

Other areas where NLP is a powerful set of tools, approaches and concepts include:


The key techniques to in NLP support sports people in achieving their performance goals and is well recognised throughout the sports world:


It is now recognised by mainstream science that there is a mind-body connection i.e. our minds affect our bodies, positively and negatively. NLP is a valuable set of techniques to support both those working in the field of health

Training/ Education

Recently, there has been some fantastic work and research in using NLP in schools. In fact, UKCPD has been involved in a project with a local school, the powerful results have been the subject of a published report in the leading NLP Journal “Rapport”.