Open Programme Student Testimonials

“A brilliant course overall! I have thoroughly enjoyed the Practitioner Course/Coaching Diploma. You and Chris (and the team), have been fantastic, professional, encouraging, supportive and very knowledgeable! I have been so impressed by the depth and content of the material, the programme is demanding and anyone signing up to it should know that it is not an easy ride, but it is a motivating, experiential and life changing ride. I thank you for this.”  ~ Lynne Copp, Managing Director The Worklife Company

“The UK College of Personal Development NLP Practitioner course is superb and they continue people’s learning by offering a multitude of additional courses to further people’s development. Tony and his team are committed to learning and development, creating a wonderful atmosphere on his courses and is a genuinely nice person. I thoroughly recommend him.” ~ Lynn Bell, Director Motivational Leadership Ltd

“The UKCPD team are inspiring, they have a mission to make a difference to everyone they work with. Tony Nutley, Chris Rasey and the team delivered a life changing programme, we left the programme with confidence, self awareness and lots of tools to go out and make a difference. If you want a creative, engaging, inspiring training and powerful coach then Tony and the team are the people to work with.” ~ Mark Watkins, Director Natural Assets Limited

“I would recommend Tony Nutley as an excellent trainer. The qualifications he offers through the UKCPD goes further than most NLP training. He informs, explains, demonstrates, facilitates practice and gives feedback. To confirm that students have reached a high enough standard they are tested both practically and theoretically. Tony also offers excellent support post training. The results are confident students with superior skills.” ~ Ann-Marie Conroy, First steps Forward

“On a scale of 1 to 10, I give this program 11. This training has been inspiring, challenging and enjoyable.” ~Agneta Lindgren, Professional Coach

“An outstanding program, with trainers of the highest calibre. The tools, skills and information I gained from this program enabled me to double my income in under a year.” ~ Alison Lyons, Senior Program Manager

“When your learning any form of NLP, hypnosis or change work you need to know that you can trust your teacher. I couldn’t think of any person I would trust, enjoy and develop so much with other than Tony and Chris. I wish more of the people I come in to contact with each day, both personally and professionally had been exposed to UKCPD’s material – it’s something I am so grateful and privileged to have experienced.” ~Glenn Bridges, Co-founder and Trustee of Inner Flame & Entrepreneur

“Extremely enjoyable, enlightening and practical, this training has at time been deep and I felt supported throughout.” ~ Bob Wright, Politician

“This training has been life changing for me, it truly has. The opportunity to meet such fantastic and like minded people feels nothing less than incredible and I found both yourself and Chris truly inspiring. I feel very fortunate to have this opportunity as I am not sure anything has ever felt so right. Thank you again to both yourself and Chris.” ~ Amanda-Jayne Kerr, Regional Sales Manager

“It is as if I awoke last year and became aware of my world for the first time. If only I had known then what I know now….. This course developed not only the confidence and ability to challenge myself and the individuals in my team, but also invaluable skills to help those people to make a real difference in our business.” ~ Mark Turner, Operations Director

“A professionally, passionately delivered course that will equip you with the tools to develop yourself and others in a way you could never imagined. Tony and the team are supportive, the resources are endless and the value for money excellent. In one year I gained two promotions, increased my earnings by £10,000 and learnt so much about myself. The sky is the limit for me now…what are you waiting for.” ~ Sarah Rodgers, Operations Manager