Coaches help people, teams and organisations to perform at the peak of their abilities.Coaching Training With UKCPD

A good coach will draw out strengths and help individuals to bypass personal barriers in order to achieve their personal best. Coaching is generative; it concentrates on defining and achieving goals. Good coaches are outcome-oriented rather than problem-focused.

There are many descriptions of coaching – labels ranging from “Life Coaching”, through “Executive Coaching” to “Leadership Coaching”. At their heart they all share the common aim of identifying and bringing dreams and goals into reality.

Training to be a Coach with UKCPD

Whether you are embarking on a career as a coach, or wish to use the skills of a coach in your current position, enrolling on a coaching course with UKCPD will enable you to:

  • Understand how to coach effectively
  • Improve your communication skills and the ability to build rapport
  • Develop an outcome-focused approach
  • Build a set of useful tools, techniques and models
  • Receive support and feedback from experienced tutors
  • Develop your confidence and ability through practice sessions and co-coaching forums
  • Obtain a recognized qualification

Contact us to discuss which coaching qualification is most appropriate for you.