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The Meta Model – Unlocking Hidden Meaning

The Meta Model - Unlocking Hidden Meaning ; How The Language We Use Can Delete, Distort and Generalize Our Thinking and Communication.  A Two day workshop essential for all NLP Practitioners, Coaches and those that work with individuals and teams. If you want to improve your general communication skills, and the art of asking the right question at the right time, then this workshop is for you.

The Hero’s journey

When we set out on a journey, it is useful to have a map so that we can plan our route, have an idea of anything that may delay us or hinder our progress, and know what supplies we need to see us through to the end. The journey of life is no different – sometimes it is useful to have a map, if for no other reason than to know that we are on track. The Hero’s Journey, based on universal myths and archetypes, can provide a useful blueprint for our own lives. It can act as a map for our development and growth as well as a resource for overcoming barriers. Whatever stage we find ourselves at, understanding the process of the journey can give us valuable insights into our own psyche and those with whom we come into contact.

Donald MacNaughton – The Spiral of Success

This two day workshop is a MUST if you work in in any form of coaching (Life, Sports, Business etc) or if you are interested in developing your key life skills and personal and professional development generally.  Donald has been a regular guest trainer at UKCPD for 7 years and the feedback we get is always fantastic. Book early to avoid disappointment. MacNaughton’s unique combination of business acumen, leadership and performance psychology skills enables individuals to maximize their potential, with Donald’s belief that the mental lessons adopted by the world’s most successful sports men and woman, are equally effective when applied in everyday life. Donald’s book, “The 12 Hidden Laws of Performance” is an Amazon bestseller

Dealing With Anxiety (CPD Workshop)

A large proportion of clients who contact a life coach or NLP Practitioner want to overcome the symptoms of anxiety. Anxiety can be triggered by a multitude of life events such as: sitting an exam, going into hospital, attending an interview, starting a new job, moving away from home, having a baby, being diagnosed with an illness, deciding to get married or divorced, delivering a presentation, giving a performance etc. etc. This course gives coaches and practitioners the tools to understand anxiety and how to work effectively with anxious clients

Coaching Authentically

Have you ever wondered what makes a great coach a great coach? Is it just the techniques they use, or is it something else? What has, until now, stopped you finding your authentic style and voice? This one day course will help you to reveal and develop your own authentic coaching style. We will share with you a number of powerful models to liberate your natural abilities, allowing you to be fully present with your clients.

Coaching Master Class – Exploring Coaching Models

This two day workshop is highly participative and interactive, using facilitated discussion, presentations, case studies, and group work. A powerful new feature of this workshop is “live coaching sessions” from the platform which are video recorded and then played back and explored in detail to enable delegates to really develop a deep understanding of the coaching process. The workshops promote reflective review, and encourage delegates to find opportunities to apply the learning in their individual coaching practice and in the workplace.

Act – The Personal Development Course

ACT now to join a small group of like-minded individuals wanting to learn and apply powerful personal development tools to develop their visions and achieve their goals. During this 10 week personal development course (Tuesday Evenings), we will share with you a set of proven and effective tools.  We will then work with you as you ACT to apply them to your own life.

Become an Excellent Presenter & Trainer

Become an Excellent Presenter and Trainer Do you already, or would you like to: Speak in public Deliver presentations to groups on any topic (small groups or large) Plan and deliver workshops/training sessions on any topic? Then this two day workshop is for you!

Introduction to iWAM Plus Metaprogrammes Workshop

This two day workshop will introduce you the the powerful Psychometric Profiling tool the iWAM.  The investment for this content rich workshop includes the fee for your personal iWAM report.  Each delegate will be sent a link to the online platform to completer their personal profile and this will be given to them on the day and explored during the workshop. The Inventory for Work Attitude & Motivation (iWAM) is a questionnaire used for job-related activities, such as recruitment, coaching and training projects. It is based on meta-programmes, a model of thinking styles (48 parameters are measured and explained).

Guest Speaker Warren Cass – Marketing Your Coaching Practice

Warren has the entrepreneurial spirit at his core having started various successful businesses and is a consistent sought-after mentor and speaker for those wishing to kick start their new enterprise and get cutting edge advice on promoting and marketing the business. During this evening presentation Warren will share just some of his ideas on disruptive marketing and how to start the process of building a successful brand. Date: October 25th - 6.30 - 9.00

Success Factor Modelling: The Art of Creating Success

The Success Factor Modelling™ (SFM™) process is an unique approach to competency building originated and developed by Robert & John Dilts. The SFM process is designed to identify and apply the critical success factors necessary to promote a new business idea or personal passion project. It’s often said that “to make a living following one's own passion” is a dream of many people. This 3-day training course will give you the tools, road-maps a support mechanism to create, develop and launch your business idea or project with confidence. The 3-day training will be delivered by Tony Nutley, Tony was one of the original participants in the ground breaking training with Robert & John Dilts becoming a Certified SFM Entrepreneur and a Member of the SFM Generative Venture Community in 2004.
£495.00 £375.00

Working With Client Beliefs

This two day workshop is focused on Coaches and NLP Practitioners working with clients belief systems.  Learn how to use the powerful "Simple Belief Change" process, explore the "Generative Belief Change" method of working and understand how to hep your clients break free from limiting beliefs.   Limited Availability: Currently - 6 Tickets Left.
£250.00 £150.00

1-Day Introduction To Coaching In The Workplace

This is an invaluable day for you and your colleagues to explore the world of coaching in the workplace and how it can transform management and leadership practice. At the end of this action packed day you will leave knowing how to integrate coaching tools and methodology into your current management practice. Additionally, you will have a clear idea if you wished to develop your coaching skill and knowledge and register for one of our accredited coaching courses. Please Note: Spaces are Limited - Contact us if you have any questions.  Next date: TBC
£150.00 £30.00
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