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The Secrets of Personal Success – NLP Taster Day

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is now recognised worldwide as a powerful tool for both rapid change and the achievement of excellence. It is widely used in the world of elite sport and in the arena of both personal and professional development. A one day taster which will give students an overview of this subject. The focus of this program will be on personal development and students will leave with a wealth of insights and practical tools that they can apply to themselves immediately. Next Date: 19th January 2019
£110.00 £54.00

NLP Foundation Diploma

This comprehensive programme will give you a firm grounding and understanding of NLP, its key operating principles and some of the key models and their applications. The focus of this programme is on coaching and personal development. Spring 2019 Dates - February: 2nd & 3rd February: 23rd & 24th

Diploma In Life Coaching & Foundation Diploma In NLP

Whether you are studying this course for your own pleasure or you wish to build a career in Coaching, this Life Coaching Diploma and the Foundation Diploma In NLP will provide you with all the necessary knowledge, skills and confidence to build a Coaching Practice and to really change lives for the better. Spring 2019 Dates - February: 2nd & 3rd February: 23rd & 24th March: 9th & 10th Use the code: BlackFriday at the checkout

NLP Practitioner And Coaching Certificate

Our Award Winning  (Business Excellence Awards 2017 ~ Best NLP & Coach Training Organisation - UK) quality training programme has been endorsed over and over by individuals and organisation as a game-changing experience. Genuine skills based, knowledge-rich, professionally accredited course where students are fully supported during and after the training.  If you are looking for a programme that will give you more, then this course is for you. “A professionally, passionately delivered course that will equip you with the tools to develop yourself and others in a way you could never imagined.  The team are supportive, the resources are endless and the value for money excellent. ”. ~ Sarah Rodgers, Operations Manager "This NLP Practitioner & Coaching Certificate training has been life changing for me, it truly has. The opportunity to meet such fantastic and like minded people feels nothing less than incredible and I found the teams truly inspiring.  Thank you again to the entire team". ~ Amanda-Jayne Kerr, Regional Sales Manager. Register before the 31st of December and get a massive £300.00 discount    Brochure

NLP Master Practitioner

This Award-Winning NLP Master Practitioner Training represents a real opportunity for NLP and Coaching professionals to deepen and expand their skills. This intensive 20-day core training programme over 10 months (can be taken as a modular programme over two years*) fully accredited by the ANLP. This intensive 20-day core training programme over 10 months (can be taken as a modular programme over two years*) fully accredited by the ANLP. Brochure

The Meta Model – Unlocking Hidden Meaning

The Meta Model - Unlocking Hidden Meaning; How The Language We Use Can Delete, Distort and Generalize Our Thinking and Communication.  A Two-day workshop essential for all NLP Practitioners, Coaches and those that work with individuals and teams. If you want to improve your general communication skills and the art of asking the right question at the right time, then this workshop is for you.

Nick Kemp – Provocative Change Works™ An Introduction – Online Course

This online course of studies is based on the recording of a two-day workshop where Nick delivered his Level One PCW Practitioner Training Course with a focus on coaching.

The Hero’s journey

When we set out on a journey, it is useful to have a map so that we can plan our route, have an idea of anything that may delay us or hinder our progress, and know what supplies we need to see us through to the end. The journey of life is no different – sometimes it is useful to have a map, if for no other reason than to know that we are on track. The Hero’s Journey, based on universal myths and archetypes, can provide a useful blueprint for our own lives. It can act as a map for our development and growth as well as a resource for overcoming barriers. Whatever stage we find ourselves at, understanding the process of the journey can give us valuable insights into our own psyche and those with whom we come into contact.

NLP: An Introduction – Online Course

This online training course is made up of 5 different modules which cover a solid introduction to NLP.  The course covers some of the key histories of how NLP developed, some key models and concepts.   If you have ever wondered what NLP is all about, then this programme is for you.  

Success Factor Modelling: The Art of Creating Success

The Success Factor Modelling™ (SFM™) process is a unique approach to competency building originated and developed by Robert & John Dilts. The SFM process is designed to identify and apply the critical success factors necessary to promote a new business idea or personal passion project. It’s often said that “to make a living following one's own passion” is a dream of many people. This 3-day training course will give you the tools, road-maps a support mechanism to create, develop and launch your business idea or project with confidence. The 3-day training will be delivered by Tony Nutley, Tony was one of the original participants in the groundbreaking training with Robert & John Dilts becoming a Certified SFM Entrepreneur and a Member of the SFM Generative Venture Community in 2004.
£495.00 £375.00

Working With Client Beliefs

This two-day workshop is focused on Coaches and NLP Practitioners working with clients belief systems.  Learn how to use the powerful "Simple Belief Change" process, explore the "Generative Belief Change" method of working and understand how to help your clients break free from limiting beliefs.  
£250.00 £150.00
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