The Malcolm John Nutley Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Malcolm John Nutley

“It always seems impossible until it’s done”.

The Malcolm John Nutley Memorial Scholarship Fund was set up to honor of my father’s name, the fund’s purpose is to engage in educational in activity that will be worthwhile and make a positive difference to the lives of as many individuals as possible. this will be achieved by a mix of scholarship awards and other related activities.

After my father passed away in the January of 2017, I spent some time reflecting on my personal journey, and how it was that I came to be in a position to develop, launch and run a number of entrepreneurial start-up businesses including a successful training college delivering world class training programmes and internationally recognized qualifications.

My father and I had a unique relationship, he was an amazing man who raised 5 children in challenging economic times.  The core memory I have is that my childhood experience was idyllic.

My parents gave me and my siblings the confidence to believe we could change the world, I still believe this and my life journey has given me the NLP tool box to have a dame good stab at changing it.

On the evening of the 9th of September 2017, at the UK College of Personal Development’s annual Graduation Ceremony, I announced I was, in dad’s memory, launching the “Malcolm John Nutley Memorial Scholarship Fund”.

Each year this fund will give at least one deserving individual the opportunity to train in the skills and knowledge of personal and professional success.  Funds for this endeavor will be raised in a variety of ways, from a percentage of each course purchased to book sales and charitable contributions.

I have been very lucky, I had the very best parents a child could ask for, I was raised in the country side and learnt to love nature, see the very best in people and I was thought how to think not what to think.  Leaving school I was full of enthusiasm and I wanted to earn money and change the world. I started my first business at the age of 17, I later sold it in a deal that gave me the resources to move from Ireland to the UK.

After a mix of different employment opportunities, I was introduced to power of Personal Development and the NLP Tool Box. This changed much for me, and given I had had a solid education the logic and the personal; reflective nature of Personal Development and the NLP Tool Box, my entrepreneurial spirit was reignited and with my partner we have launched 3 successful businesses, I have published 3 books and I work with some of the most extraordinary people on the planet.

While much of my success and personal happiness is down to my upbringing for sure, a major part has been the education I undertook over the years in Personal and Professional Development. This education gave me the tools, models and the inspiration and motivation to do something new, and to develop a personal philosophy for successful and happy life.

I can honestly tell you, Personal Development is one of the key to success and happiness, I have experienced it first hand, and I know it can help you, be the best you ever!

So in memory of my father and in honor of my mother Margret Nutley, I wish you every success.

Tony Nutley ~ CEO and Founder
UK College of Personal Development


The fund will be officially launched in the spring of 2018. All required documentation, the Scholarship Fund Application Form, qualifying criteria and guidance notes will be published on this page before the official launch date.

To apply for this fund, you will need to download the Scholarship Fund Application Form, complete it and POST this with your written application letter to:

Tony Nutley ~ CEO and Founder
UK College of Personal Development
3 – 5 Wood Street
Old Town