Why Enrol on an NLP Training Course?

Why Enrol on an NLP Training Course?NLP For Success

I am often asked this very question, and it’s obvious really as most people do not want to be a practitioner or a full time coach, so why invest in NLP training?

The answer is simple: it works!

Ok, you are thinking, but what does that really mean … as mentioned above, most professional people have a career and when thinking about either personal or professional development the single key required outcome is improvement in some measurable way.

So, this article is written in response to this question.

The short version of the answer is this, people learn NLP because it is one of the very best toolboxes that enables insights, models and approaches to…

  • Become more effective and influential communicators
  • Feel more in charge of their thoughts and moods
  • Develop themselves – and become more effective in their personal and working lives.

Applications of NLP

The NLP toolbox is versatile, it’s not just for business, better sales technique, communication skills or coaching. It is a set of skills and knowledge capital that can be applied in many situations. Some examples include:

Leadership & Management

The term “soft skills equals hard success” can be applied here. We have been running very successful Leadership and Management training programmes based on key NLP models with great success. Logical Levels of Change being one of the most useful frameworks.

Coaching, Mentoring & Appraising Team MembersAC logo2

NLP grew out of the study of effective methods of communication, the above mentioned skills are only truly successful and impactful when you have excellent communication skills. The NLP communication model and language patterns are the secret sauce of communication success!

Developing Relationships

The NLP toolbox enables us to develop a much better understanding what it’s like to be the other person and how best to communicate with them.  This supports the development of more meaningful and richer relationships at home, socially and at work.

Professional Sales Excellence

The experienced professional salesperson knows that in the long run it’s relationships, repeat business and recommendations which produce success for organisations. The NLP skill set enable you to improve how you develop mutually beneficial win-win relationships with customers while identifying their needs and motivation enabling you to match service and products that are in line with their outcomes.ANLP_Accredited_Gold_Port

Sport’s Coaching

You may coach the local Sunday league football team, or be involved in sporting activities at a higher level. The facts are clear, the critically important role of mental attitude in sport is now widely accepted, NLP has tools which can be applied to give yourself and your team the winning edge.

Ok, so you may now be thinking this all seems a bit odd, the same toolbox is useful in so many areas. The core message here is this, NLP and its applications, models and over all approach is universally useful because it provides you with the means to improve your overall effectiveness in the key building blocks of personal and professional success. As is often said, “Do whatever you already do well, and now do it better!

In the 14 years that I have been involves in using and teaching NLP, I have yet to find a limit to the range of applications for utilising my NLP training. Why not dip your foot in the water, I am sure you will quickly see just how powerful the NLP toolbox is.

If you are reading this, then you are part of the resistance and an investor in the future success of us all!

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