Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the generic term used to describe the commitment all professionals have to continue to develop their skills, refresh their knowledge and keep up to date with new ideas in their professional work area.

The UK College of Personal Development is one of the leading NLP and Coach training organisations in the UK and our commitment to our students and the profession generally is to deliver high quality accredited training and follow this up with the very best support and CPD services.

We have 4 different CPD services on offer to both NLP and to Coaching Professionals.

NLP Practice Group

We host a weekly NLP Practice Group which is open to any NLP professionals wishing to practice their skills in a supportive and friendly environment.  This is hosted by two members of the UKCPD team “Melanie Richens and Andrzej Brzozowski.  The group meets every Wednesday, 6.00 pm to 9.00 pm, tea and coffee are supplied.  Contact the office on 01793 511180 to confirm your wish to attend.  Investment: College Members: No Charge / Others £2.00

AC Co-Coaching Forum

We have been hosting the AC Co-Coaching Forum successfully for many years, in 2016 we will be re-launching this service with some great themes. We will have dedicated peer review / supervision evenings, occasional guest speakers and one off coach development related events. The Co-Coaching Forum will be on Thursdays every other month. Click Here For the Full Schedule.

CPD Workshops

We have an interesting, informative and lively ongoing series of CPD workshops throughout the year. with a mix of guest speakers and trainers as well as our in  house team we have a rang of events from half day, one day or even two day events these workshops will keep you up to date and expose you to new and cutting edge ideas as they develop in the profession.  Keep an eye on the listing for the next event which you may enjoy.

Online CPD Subscription Services

We have two different levels of our online CPD Subscription service. Level One contains various recordings of workshops, lectures and other training events which have great value in Personal Study CDP and Reflective Practice. Full details can be found HERE  Level Two has an even richer selection of videos and also includes regular virtual classroom events such as training sessions, supervision events and other skill and knowledge development focused sessions. Additionally Level Two subscription membership includes discounts to live training events.