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We are celebrating 20 years of delivering our Award-Winning service.

Our NLP Practitioner & Coaching Certification course of studies will equip for both personal and professional success in the 21st century. 

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NLP Practitioner & Certificate in Business & Life Coaching: 18 Days –  Was £2295 plus vat – Now £1836.00 plus vat

NLP Practitioner & Diploma in Business Performance & Life Coaching*: 20 Days – Was 2495.00 plus vat – Now £1996.00 plus vat

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Our Award-Winning (Business Excellence Awards 2017 ~ Best NLP & Coach Training Organisation – UK) quality training programme has been endorsed over and over by individuals and organisation as a game-changing experience.

“A professionally, passionately delivered course that will equip you with the tools to develop yourself and others in a way you could never imagined.  The team are supportive, the resources are endless and the value for money excellent. ”. ~ Sarah Rodgers, Operations Manager




NLP Practitioner and Coaching Certification — Flexible — Live — Online – – Interactive 

This is our brand new modular, blended learning programme that gives you the ultimate flexibility in gaining both NLP Practitioner & Coaching Certification.  Accredited by the ANLP and by the AC.

Recent events have highlighted the need for a highly flexible, dynamic outcome-focused delivery of our award-winning training, the traditional classroom delivery was already struggling against the advance of online learning, and now with the advent of the restrictions on large groups of students, it was time to take a long hard look at the delivery model as a meaningful change was urgently needed.

We have worked hard with the professional bodies and other stakeholders to develop and launch what we believe to be one of the most innovative, flexible and student-focused NLP Practitioner & Coach training programme.

How Does It Work?

We have taken the traditional classroom approach and flipped it into what we believe to be a world-leading Blended Learning programme. We have taken the curriculum and learning outcomes from the traditional programme and developed a flexible modular approach to content delivery, student support and live skill development and assessment.

Once registered, students are allocated a “Student Tutor Group”, this will be their peer group throughout the qualification journey. You will then have access to the online self-study content, for each key study module, your lead tutor will arrange a welcome and orientation session to get you set up and ready to engage actively in your learning.

Each week, there will be live online “Student Tutor Group” sessions where your lead tutor will be on hand to answer questions and lead key training elements and supervision and practice sessions., these evening training and support session will be three-hour time blocks.

Each module has a mini assignment to ensure all key learning outcomes have been achieved, this approach enables the student to build up a portfolio of evidence of the learnings and abilities, fulfilling the qualification requirements and more importantly, it gives the students concrete proof of their development giving them the confidence to develop their NLP & Coaching Practice.

Once you have completed all the required content modules and the associated assignments you will be ready to take part in one of the live Knowledge Integration & Skills Assessment Events. These events consist of four days over two weekends, they are action-packed, fun, highly interactive and motivating.

Programme Modules


Based on a pilot of this training structure, students report that the experience, learning and personal insights they get from this training is that its a game-changing experience.  Genuine skills-based, knowledge-rich, professionally accredited course where the students felt fully supported during and after the training.  If you are looking for a programme that will give you more, then this course is for you.

Our attention to detail is key to the Award Winning approach, we have highly experienced accredited trainers, quality accreditation’s, (ANLP, AC, ILM) a comfortable training environment, ongoing aftercare and CPD. It all adds up to a training experience that is second to none. If you are looking for a programme that will give you more, then this course is for you. 

At the end of the course, students are fully equipped with the skills and the confidence to apply those skills either in their own life or in working with others and set up a Coaching / NLP Practitioner Practice.

“It is as if I awoke last year and became aware of my world for the first time. If only I had known then what I know now….. This course developed not only the confidence and ability to challenge myself and the individuals in my team, but also invaluable skills to help those people to make a real difference in our business”. ~ Mark Turner, Operations Director


“An outstanding programme, with trainers of the highest calibre. The tools, skills and information I gained from this NLP Practitioner & Coaching Certificate training enabled me to double my income in under a year, I highly recommend this training course.” ~ Alison Lyons, Senior Program Manager


“A brilliant course overall! I have thoroughly enjoyed the NLP Practitioner Course and Coaching Certificate. The team have been fantastic, professional, encouraging, supportive and very knowledgeable! I have been so impressed by the depth and content of the material.” ~Lynne Copp, Managing Director The Worklife Company


College Membership, all qualifying students become College Members and benefit from a growing range of additional services and support options.

Finally, we continue to offer support and development opportunities via our comprehensive CPD programmes which include NLP Practice Group, Co Coaching Forum, Special Speaker Events and ongoing highly focused skill development workshops.   Graduates of the UK College of Personal Development become College Members and are given access to the College Members Area on our website.

“I would recommend the UK College of Personal Development. The team inform, explain, demonstrate and facilitate practice and give great practical feedback. To confirm that students have reached a high enough standard they are tested both practically and theoretically. UKCPD also offers excellent support post training. The results are confident students with superior skills.” ~ Ann-Marie Conroy

What you will learn on this NLP Practitioner and Coaching Certificate Training:

How to build and maintain rapport – the key to successful relationships.
How to master advanced communications and influencing skills.
How to achieve clarity on precisely what you want in the key areas of our life.
How to increase the range of what you are able to see, hear and feel so you know more about what’s going on.
How to use metaphor effectively, as all great communicators do.
How to generate practical, well-formed outcomes and how to achieve them.
How to design interventions to move a person or an organisation from where they are to where they need to be.
How to create the right context for successful individual and organisational change.
How to change unwanted behaviours.
How to determine what is important to yourself and others.
How to see what is going on inside others.
How to talk to another person’s language.
How to create your own personal state of excellence.
Use various coaching models effectively.
How to make meetings work.
How to mediate and negotiate more successfully.
How to recognise and use powerful language patterns.
How to develop your behavioural flexibility and creativity.
How to develop key coaching skills.
How to set up a Coaching / NLP Practice.

nick-kemp“Blimey an NLP training company with high standards, ongoing CPD, accredited programme and sensible size training groups, outstanding. I recommend the UK College of Personal Development wholeheartedly”. ~ Nick Kemp, International Trainer & Creator of Provocative Change Works

Reasons to take this NLP Practitioner and Coaching Certification:

Change that lasts
Time to learn
Time to practice
More enjoyment
Train with qualified and experienced trainers
Accelerated learning
Know what you’re doing
Tracking learning
Re-establish balance
Time to master the field
Personal and professional
Learn to make learning easy
New career pathways
Our venue


Syllabus: NLP Practitioner and Coaching Certification Seminar Content

Seminar 1: Programme introduction and overview, qualifying criteria including specific ANLP, AC & ILM criteria, codes of ethics etc, NLP and Coaching: An Overview & History, Rapport, Sensory Acuity, Calibration, Anchors, Outcomes 1.

Seminar 2: Representational Systems, Predicates Preference, Eye Accessing Cues, NLP Submodalities, Perceptual Positions, New Behaviour Generator, Developing A Personal Philosophy using the NLP Presuppositions, Outcomes 2

Seminar 3: Coaching Models, Core Coaching Competencies, Coaching Tools etc

Seminar 4: The Meta Model, The Power Of Questions, Practical NLP Coaching

Seminar 5: Appreciative Inquiry as A Coaching Model – AC Coaching Diploma (ADCT) – Two-day Workshop (Optional)

Seminar 6: NLP Modelling & Modelling Project Set Up.

Seminar 7: The Milton Model, Metaphor & The Unconscious Mind, The Language of Influence

Seminar 8: The NLP Change Processes: A Full Coaching Tool Box

Seminar 9: Working with Beliefs & Identity Using NLP & Coaching

Seminar 10: Course Integration and Assessment, Life Long Learning, The NLP & Coaching Professional, Ongoing College Support, CPD, Co Coaching Forum etc.

This schedule is for guidance only; we may make adjustments based on the needs of the group etc.

Why Train With Us?

If you are considering investing in your development you will have many questions about the quality of the training and support services you will receive.  For us, the entire student experience must be one of the best they have ever had. Our goal is to ensure that while you are a student you always feel supported and that you get the best trainers and sound tutor guidance when needed.

Here are just some of the things we think will make a positive difference to your studying experience:

  • We have invested over forty thousand pounds on our Student Resource Centre & Library.
  • A student Lounge with high-quality refreshments
  • Award-winning service (2016 HR & Training Awards Winners)
  • Qualified, accredited and experienced trainers (see Our Team page)
  • Qualified and experienced tutors
  • High-quality training manual and other support material
  • Comfortable bespoke training rooms (not anonymous hotel or conference rooms)
  • Weekly Practice Sessions and Monthly Co Coaching Forum
  • Fantastic Student Graduation Event (see pictures here)
  • Ongoing CPD events

And a friendly team to guide you through the entire process.

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SWINDON: 18 / 20 days – Over 9 months


Tony Nutley, Chris Rasey, Melanie Richens and Andrzej Brzozowski

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ILM Level 5 Certificate or Diploma in Coaching & Mentoring
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