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Online, Live, and Interactive. 

This Award-Winning NLP Master Practitioner Training represents a real opportunity for NLP and Coaching professionals to deepen and expand their skills. 

This intensive 12-day training programme over 8 months is fully accredited by the ANLP.




NLP Master Practitioner

. Developing Wisdom

Award-Winning NLP Master Practitioner 12 Day Accredited Training Programme.

This NLP Master Practitioner represents a real opportunity for NLP and Coaching professionals to deepen and expand their skills. This intensive 12-day training programme over 8 months in a virtual – Live – Interactive – Online delivery giving you the opportunity to integrate your learning. This course is fully accredited by the ANLP.

This NLP Master Practitioner training will challenge, provoke and refine your NLP Practitioner & Coaching skills and knowledge in a deep and powerful way. All students will be invited to complete a unique NLP Modelling Project, maintain a Reflective Learning Journal and an NLP Coaching Diary as well as demonstrate they have genuinely integrated their learning.

NLP Master Practitioner training is not just about deepening knowledge and skill levels, it’s also about developing the wisdom that enables you to generate greater clarity and real understanding.

Developing NLP and Coaching mastery means you go from simply following procedures to designing purposeful action and fresh ways of working as you bring together the different elements of your experience with the new knowledge and experience you will gain as a result of this training programme.

Our world-class trainers will introduce you to some of the latest thinking in NLP change work and its applications in coaching as well as profound personal and professional development.

A key part of the NLP Master Practitioner is the exploration and application of Meta programmes. To enrich this learning experience all delegates will be invited to complete the iWAM profiling tool.iWAM

Unlike other tests, iWAM does not put people in boxes: each person has a unique fingerprint of motivational and attitudinal patterns.

iWAM helps you to understand what motivates you and what makes a good day at work – why some tasks are “easy” and others require more effort. It recommends motivational language to be used – or avoided.

iWAM compares one’s results to a standard group to provide invaluable information about how others actually perceive you as well as showing you how to adapt to be better understood.

Participation in this training course this will give you your very own iWAM Psychometric Profiling Report and let you sample our award-winning psychometric profiling service (AI Business Excellence Awards 2016).

Another key feature of this Award-Winning programme is the focus of developing the entrepreneurial spirit using the Success Factor Modelling ™ (SFM™) toolkit. The SFM process is a unique approach to competency building originated and developed by Robert & John Dilts. The SFM process is designed to identify and apply the critical success factors necessary to promote a new business idea or personal passion project. It’s often said that “to make a living following one’s own passion” is a dream of many people.

Success Factor Modelling

Success Factor Modelling

Such a passion may be in the area of coaching, consulting, NLP, training, or some other product or service in which a person believes. This passion emerges from the deep desire to feel that “instead of just doing a job, I am living my life and making a difference.” Starting a new business or project, however, can also feel like quite a daunting task. There are many obstacles and challenges to face. People often hold themselves back out of lack of knowledge, fear of failure and other forms of self-doubt.

The purpose of this programme is to provide participants with the road maps and tools necessary to develop the confidence, competence and resources necessary to launch their own business or internal organisational project and begin living their dreams while also making a better world.

The programme is based on the principles and discoveries of Success Factor Modelling™ (SFM™). During this powerful training, you will learn and discover critical success factors which enable individuals to live their dreams and at the same time contribute to making a better world through projects and businesses.

Robert Dilts, Pilar Godino & Tony Nutley

The focus of this advanced NLP content is on applying Success Factor Modelling™ to become an effective “entrepreneur.” An entrepreneur, in this sense, means anyone who has an idea or project that he or she would like to see become a viable reality. The programme emphasizes the importance of developing an “entrepreneurial spirit” and applying Success Factor Modelling™ to identify some of the key patterns of inspiring and successful entrepreneurs. A core goal of this programme to help participants become more confident, innovative, proactive and generative.

The activities centre around learning more about who you are and identifying an entrepreneurial project that is an expression of your deepest passion connected to your vision for a better life, and perhaps even a better world.

This training will be delivered by Tony Nutley, Tony was one of the original participants in the groundbreaking training with Robert & John Dilts becoming a Certified SFM Entrepreneur and a Member of the SFM Generative Venture Community in 2004.

If you have considered taking your NLP and Coaching skills and develop a business or new entrepreneurial project then this training content will give you a comprehensive toolkit to create, develop and launch your project.

Delegates will be issued with a comprehensive training pack containing training manual, business templates, project planning templates and more. Delegates will also be invited to join the “Be Inspired Group” at a discounted rate.

Next Cohort Dates: 2020 / 2021

  • 7th November – Course Introduction & The Meaning of Mastery – Hero’s Journey (part one)
  • 8th November – Hero’s Journey (part two)NLP Master Practitioner
  • 28th November – Meta Programmes & iWAM Psychometric Profile Exploration
  • 12th December – NLP Modelling
  • 16th January – Unified Field Theory of NLP
  • 13th February – Time For A Change Language Patterns
  • 27th February – Time For A Change NLP Change Processes
  • 20th March – Coaching Authentically
  • 17th April – Exploring & Working With Client Values
  • 22nd May – Success Factor Modelling (part one)
  • 23rd May – Success Factor Modelling (part two)
  • 12th June – Assessment & Knowledge Integration

UKCPD Annual Graduation Ceremony Date To Be Confirmed

Additional Student Support: Once registered, you will be given access to additional study resources.


Individuals wishing to register for this programme will have completed a recognised NLP Practitioner training.

If you have any questions about your current qualifications, please feel free to contact us at any time. If you have completed NLP Practitioner training and you feel that there may be significant gaps in your skills and knowledge, we have a range of approaches to address this shortfall.

Syllabus (Indicative Content*)

  • The Hero’s Journey
  • NLP Modelling & the Unified Field Theory
  • Meta Programmes & Values. (Includes an individual iWam Profile)
  • Advanced Meta Model Linguistic Patterns & New Code NLP advanced NLP Change Techniques
  • Advanced NLP Change Techniques, Core Transformation.
  • Working With Beliefs: Creating New Horizons
  • Structure of Success – Success Factor Modelling – Developing Your Business Idea & Plans
  • And so much more


What people are saying about this course:

“I recommend this course, absolutely, and wholeheartedly to those who are determined to not just practice NLP and Coaching but to master it. “I particularly enjoyed the breadth of experience and styles of the different guest trainers. The UKCPD team really do aim to go the extra mile and the extremely well-stocked Student Library is a small indication of the high standards and commitment to growth ever-present at UKCPD.” ” Lynne Copp: Managing Director – The Worklife Company

” Now my third learning experience with Tony and friends at the UKCPD. It’s easy to understand why so many people are drawn to the college when every training activity they conduct is progressive and ahead of the curve. UKCPD really have made a positive difference to my effectiveness and skill, and I fully recommend their services. Thanks, guys.” Alasdair McWilliam – Company Director

“The Master Practitioner diploma took my coaching and confidence to a whole new level. It far exceeded my expectations and greatly enhanced my understanding and appreciation of NLP. The energy, enthusiasm and knowledge of the core team and the visiting speakers were contagious and inspiring – which in turn has paid dividends in both my professional and personal life. I feel this course will be “the gift that keeps on giving!” Bryan Sampson Performance Coach & Trainer – Nationwide Building Society

“I am so glad I chose to do the comprehensive Master Practitioner course with UKCPD, it was enormous fun. The timescale gave time to reflect on and absorb the learning, and I especially appreciated the variety of approaches that were included, and with the range of amazing people brought in to do that. That’s given breadth and depth to my learning and growing mastery and in turn that leads to confidence.” Amanda Clifford – Cranfield University

“UKCPD have done a great job of delivering a Programme which respects academic rigour whilst providing an excellent combination of NLP skills and Coaching techniques. I have truly benefited from the experience.” Wendy Frost – Health Coach

Your Trainers

Core Trainers


Tony Nutley
Tony has been developing his interest in NLP Modelling for many years, he will lead the sessions on Modelling, and explore Excellence in NLP & Coaching practice, Tony will be your guide as you choose and then develop your modelling project.


Chris Rasey
Chris is a widely sought after NLP trainer and Coach. He will be guiding delegates through some advanced NLP models and concepts Including New Code, Hero’s Journey and more.


Melanie Richens
For many years Melanie has studied the workings of the human mind, how we generate success and happiness, and how we keep ourselves stuck. As well as NLP and Hypnotherapy Melanie has studied many other methods and has always been interested in developing an integrated approach to benefiting clients.

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12 days over 8 Months


Tony Nutley, Chris Rasey, Melanie Richens, Andrzej Brzozowski


UKCPD – Swindon


Next Cohort Dates: 2020 / 2021
7th November – Course Introduction & The Meaning of Mastery – Hero's Journey (part one)
8th November – Hero's Journey (part two)
28th November – Meta ProgaRMMES & iWAM Psychometric Profile Exploration
12th December – NLP Modelling
16th January – Unified Field Theory of NLP
13th February – Advanced Meta Model Patterns
27th February – Advanced NLP Change Processes
20th March – Coaching Authentically
17th April – Exploring & Working With Client Values
22nd May – Success Factor Modelling (part one)
23rd May – Success Factor Modelling (part two)
12th June – Assessment & Knowledge Integration