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Pilar has been a gust trainer at the UK College of Personal Development from the very beginning.  Her experience in the coaching field is second to none working as she does across a wide range of organisations and at a level that brings unique insights to the practice of coaching.

Each year Pilar brings something new, and the feedback we get is “please can we have some more”!

This two day intense and highly interactive programme is a core part of the UK College of Personal Development’s NLP Practitioner & Diploma in Coaching training programme accredited by the Association for Coaching and the Institute For Leadership & Management.



This two day NLP Coaching Master Class intense and highly interactive programme is a core part of the UK College of Personal Development’s NLP & Coaching Practitioner programme recognised by the AC and academically accredited via the ILM at Level 5.

This NLP Coaching Master Class programme is for you if you work in the coaching or mentoring arena or if you have been thinking about training in this field. Additionally, if you have completed a recognised NLP Practitioner training and wish to add a professionally recognised coaching qualification to your skill set you many be able to APL your previous learning into one of two options,(Contact us for details)

During this training you will learn and deepen your skill level by exploring “Levels of Coaching” using Logical Levels; develop your coaching skill with NLP Meta Programs, Powerful Questioning, Contracting within coaching sessions, ICH Competencies and so much more.

This training is delivered by one of UKCPD’s most accomplished coaches and trainers, Ms Pilar Godino. Pilar is an Master Certified Coach and has an unrivalled scope of coaching and development experience. Pilar is mainly based in London and Brussels where amongst other activities; she is a Coach for the E.U. Senior Management Team, and lending international corporations such as Diageo, Danone, Pepsi Co and more. Her first book is about to be published.

This NLP Coaching Master Class is an outstanding opportunity to learn and be coached by an industry experienced master coach. Contact us for full information and to book your place.


Pilar Godino Master Certified Coach (ICF)

Specializing in Leadership Coaching, Personal Impact™, Strong relationships & Influence Coaching, Pilar is an internationally known Executive Coach & Trainer used to working with senior leaders across numerous industries; One of a few Master Certified Coaches in Europe, Pilar is distinguished by her passion for personal growth, her enthusiasm and her unshakable belief in people.

One client stated: “Pilar has an acute intelligence and strong intuition that in combination with her comprehension skills, positive enthusiasm and humour, makes the coaching process, from the very beginning, deep and challenging yet open and enjoyable, supporting and encouraging.”

Pilar Godino has recently been invited to be a member of the team at the prestigious Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School, an institution with a great history and pedigree. Rooted in historic cities and associated with two renowned Belgian universities, and another in Russia, Vlerick is today a top European business school and one of the very few in the world to hold three major accreditations. Vlerick’s unique approach combines academic knowledge and research with hands-on business expertise − a dynamic balance that continually stimulates entrepreneurship and innovation. Pilar bring all this wisdom and experience to the UK College of Personal Development’s Coaching & leadership programs.

Currently, Pilar is Coaching, as part of their Leadership Development, Senior Executives in global organisations such as Diageo, Accenture, Pepsi-co and Directors and Senior Management in the European Union institutions. She has great success and expertise in Coaching Teams, especially Management Team Coaching for a greater alignment and unified purpose.

As part of Leadership development Programmes she also gives training in the areas of Leadership, Coaching, Communication, Personal Impact ™ and Influence in those organisations as well as guest trainer in several open training programmes. Pilar has been guest speaker, seminar and workshop holder in Coaching Conferences in Prague 2005, 2006 & 2007 (CACO); Brussels 2006 (ICF) and Brussels 2009.(EU)

Besides her Leadership Coaching, Pilar is supervising and mentoring Coaches as part of their ICF accreditation. Currently becoming an examiner for the International Coaching federation, Pilar has been a member of the examination committee for the Czech Coaching Association (CACO).

Certification as coach

  • Master Certified Coach (International Coaching Federation)
  • Success Factor Coach (NLP University, California);
  • Personal Impact™ Coach;
  • NLP Master Practitioner, & Master Trainer;(ANLP)
  • Structural Coaching;
  • NLP Coach (ITS) UK;
  • Neuro Semantics Practitioner.

Experience and Style

Pilar has over 5000 hours of Coaching practice and over 10000 hours experience in the field of Personal Development.

She has dedicated more than 20 years to facilitating change and development individually and in Groups, with over 80% of her clients being Senior Management & Executives in all types of Industries.

Clients find Pilar dynamic, supportive, inspiring, challenging, transparent, insightful and with great humour.

Please Note

We only have a very limited number of places on offer. To book your place on this program please contact us ASAP:

Tel: 01793 511 180    E-mail:

Additional information


April 9th & 10th 2016


2 day workshop


Pilar Godino

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