Developing Negotiation Skills – 2 Day Workshop Developing Negotiation Skills

Negotiation is an integral part of creating value for the organisation. Your success depends on your personal skills as a negotiator, whether you are seeking resources for your project or team, deciding on a new hire’s salary, or inking a high-stakes deal for your company.

In this negotiation training programme, you will gain insight into the habits of dealmakers as you build your own skills. Through a series of group exercises, you will learn how to execute proven tactics, refine your personal negotiating style, and improve your ability to bargain successfully and ethically in any situation. Along the way, you will gain new appreciation for how negotiating skills can help you overcome a wide range of challenges at work and beyond.

  • The ability to retain negotiation margins
  • Confidence in dealing face to face with customers and clients
  • Closer working relationships with clients
  • A reduction in time spent in negotiations

It is essential for companies to build long term customer and supplier relationships.It is also important to understand the strategies and tactics that are used during negotiations.  This programme provides knowledge and skills in the subject of skillful and successful negotiation.

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