Developing Effective Telephone Skills – One Day Workshop Developing Effective Telephone Skills

Developing effective telephone skills can be difficult. The telephone is the most familiar piece of technology in the workplace and its use is often taken for granted in the way we speak to our customers, the way relationships are forged or broken and the way information is relayed. The ability to communicate in a prompt, friendly and professional manner is essential to creating the right impression and getting your message across.

This developing effective telephone skills training course will enable delegates to develop, or refresh, the techniques and skills required to make and take calls effectively. They will learn and practice methods for giving and receiving information logically and clearly, building rapport and dealing with difficult callers. Role-play will be used with real life examples to ensure the course is relevant and applicable.

Developing Effective Telephone Skills Course Objectives

  • Create the right impression of yourself and your company and present an image of total customer care.
  • Communicate confidently and handle customer calls with courtesy, enthusiasm and friendly efficiency.
  • Handle calls in a structured way, project professionalism in words and voice and speak with clarity.
  • Manage difficult and aggressive customers and resolve problems successfully.
  • Ask the right questions, listen and deal with enquiries, messages and complaints effectively.
  • Close calls by summarising outcomes and agreed actions with the caller and by recording details.

Developing Effective Telephone Skills Course Designed For

All staff who need to communicate in a confident, efficient and friendly manner on the telephone. It is ideal for those who have frequent contact with customers and is suited to those on switchboard or reception, in customer service, call centres and help desks and those in a team secretary role. This developing effective telephone skills training course is for you if you want:

  • Increased contacts/sales prospects
  • Improved results from telephone based communication processes
  • More efficient customer service
  • A professional image in the eye of your customer

Using the telephone as an aid for Telesales or Telemarketing can be a powerful way to reach more contacts and prospective clients.This training programme reveals how to enjoy making cold calls.The training will equip individuals with the skills needed to become more effective on the telephone and to create success, both personal and professional.

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