Coaching Skills for Managers – 3 Day Training Course:


Managers want better performance from employees, and employees want better feedback from managers. When managers know more about employees’ performance motivation, they are better able to link employees to appropriate tasks, projects and products and help the organisation achieve its goals.

Participants evaluate potential employee issues, develop effective problem statements, role-play, and consider the performance appraisal process. Topics include motivation, coaching styles and strategies, managing relationships and how achievement and recognition together can create a positive environment and productive results.

Key objectives include:

  • Implement constructive methods to correct employee behaviour
  • Reach mutually agreed goals through effective use of coaching models
  • Understand how motivation can be an effective tool in the coaching process
  • Define coaching strategies with employees
  • Create a feedback model to improve employee performance

Coaching Skills for Managers is a highly interactive training that will give delegates the knowledge, skills and the confidence to apply the coaching approach in their everyday management activity.

Students that complete the course and assignments and successfully sit the knowledge paper will receive a Certificate in Coaching Skills.

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