Advanced Communication Skills – 2 Day Training Course Advanced Communication Skills

Understanding how you communicate with others as well as how other people use communication will help you further your communication style and improve relationships in your business and personal life.

This course aims to help you fine tune the way you interact with others which can be the key to your workplace success. Whether communicating under pressure, managing challenging relationships or looking to build lasting rapport, your style and interpersonal competence can make or break your chances of achieving your objectives.

This 2-day Advanced Communication Skills course teaches you how to capitalise on your existing skills, fine-tune your approach and build a strategy for communication with real impact.

This Advanced Communication Skills course is suitable for anyone who is responsible for building and managing influential relationships, particularly where polished communication and interpersonal skills really count. Ideally, delegates will approach the course with some theoretical or practical understanding of interpersonal communication.

  • How to gain rapport in any situation
  • Communicate in a way that is appropriate for the situation and the audience
  • Gain a greater understanding of other peoples’ needs in the communication process
  • An understanding of potential barriers and influences within the communication process
  • Notice language patterns and use them to build rapport
How advanced communication skills will improve you.

Communication is the most important foundation for interactions, both in and out of the workplace. For individuals to be able to work effectively within a business, they require a strong skill set in communication and influencing. This programme is based in part on the principles and disciplines of NLP.

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