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Developing Coaching Skills For Team Success

Developing Coaching Skills For Team Success Coaching focuses on developing skills and improving the performance of others. However, to be an effective manager or leader and use the coaching approach you also need to know how to build and understand the dynamic nature of the coaching relationship when yo are in a position of power. […]

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First Steps To Transformational Leadership

Developing the skills that matter. A lot is written about transformational leadership but what does it really mean. Much of the written material talks about embracing change, being accountable and inspirational to the team, having the skill to develop real team engagement and of course the old favourite, the ability to think out of the […]

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Time to Celebrate and Plan Next Steps

It has been a truly inspiring couple of weeks marking the modelling projects and coaching essays submitted by this year’s Practitioner and Master Practitioner students. The modelling projects have covered a diverse range of topics, from chapati and pastry making to running, skipping and state management for an important meeting. All the students have demonstrated […]

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Is Less Really More?

Exploring The Question of Short NLP Training Programmes. I first came into contact with the field of NLP by accident back in 1998, my then employer sent me and a few of my colleagues on a “Change Management Course”. I remember thinking that some of the underlying models, tools and concepts were not what i considered to […]

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The Map is Not the Territory

“The map is not the Territory” is one of a number of key principles (sometimes known as presuppositions) that underpin NLP.  Here we will look out how this simple statement can be used to unlock your personal power and potential. First – What does “the map is not the territory” mean? Korzybski was the first to […]

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Choose the Best NLP and Coaching Training Provider

Choosing the right training provider just became a whole lot easier.   The UK College of Personal Development have just won a prestigious business award for being the Best NLP and Coaching Training Provider in the UK. To celebrate our win, we have a couple of offers below! Get in touch if you have any questions about […]

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