Free Webinar: How to Choose a Coaching & NLP Training Provider.

Free Webinar: Have You Ever Considered Becoming a Life Coach or an NLP Practitioner?

Ask yourself this question:

Do you want to discover and learn how to maximise what you – and others – are really capable of.  Most of us would say yes to this question. So, if this is the case, I would ask you to consider the following

  • Have you ever considered becoming a Life Coach?
  • Do you want to understand what accreditation really means?
  • Are you keen to pick a course that has real value and recognition in the market place?
  • How does learning how to have personal and professional success sound?
  • Do you enjoy helping people develop and be more successful and happy?

If you answered yes to the above, then our FREE How to Choose a Coaching & NLP Training Provider is for you.

This webinar will explore the various accreditation bodies, what it means. We look at the differences between professional and academic qualifications.

There are lots of key learnings on the coaching process and we look at a specific coaching model and see why NLP is a useful tool-kit and how it enhances the coaches effectiveness.

You will learn:

  • What Life Coaching is and how it works
  • Why NLP is an excellent tool kit for a coach
  • How a Life Coach helps their clients to set goals and be motivated for success.
  • Why professional accredited training is key to success
  • Understand who the professional and accrediting organisations are and what they do
  • What to look for in a quality Coach and NLP training
  • What a Life Coach can achieve for themselves and their clients

Why This Event?

As a professional accredited provider of coach training, we have become concerned with the number of promotions on various social media channels promoting the idea that you can become a qualified coach in a day, or less or with a text-based online course.

This idea is false, no recognised professional body will recognise these types of training. To be a member of the professional body, ie, a professional coach, a minimum number of training hours is required, plus documented coaching hours and supervision.

To my knowledge, NONE of these organizations are members of the Association For Coaching or any other professional body.

This is why we are running this event, to promote quality training that is accredited by one of the key coaching organisations such as:

  • The Association For Coaching
  • The Association For NLP
  • International Coach Federation
  • European Mentoring and Coaching Council
  • ILM Accredited Qualification
  • Univerisity Coaching Degree etc..

This event will outline the key requirements to be a professional Life Coach, or indeed any other coach as well as exploring a coaching model (GROW) plus lots of other ideas and approaches that a professional, qualified and confident coach would recognise.

Why NLP and Coaching? 

NLP is a powerful toolbox of ideas for rapid change and the achievement of excellence.  It is widely used in personal development, leadership development, coaching and elite sport.

At its heart, NLP teaches us to appreciate that what we are thinking drives our feelings or emotional state which then creates our behaviours.  Understanding this process enables us to make small changes which can have a huge impact on our lives changing unhelpful habits into positive and empowering ways of thinking and behaving.

Coaching and the skills of applying coaching models and approaches have become the go-to methodology for both personal and professional growth and change leading to success.

Consider the following questions: 

  • Do you want to get an experiential understanding of what coaching is and how to do it?
  • Are you thinking about becoming a coach?
  • Have you thought about developing your core skills and transforming your career?
  • Have you and your team thought about how to bring coaching into your current business management practice?
  • Have you ever wondered whether coaching is for you?

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