A lively and vibrant Co Coaching Forum meeting on the last Thursday of every other month (bi-monthly), meetings are held at the UKCPD training centre in Swindon. 

Each event has a theme. Some events will be pure co-coaching with the focus on developing skills and getting feedback, others will include a short presentation of a new or different method of coaching etc. followed by practice and skill development.

Additional events will include occasional guest speakers, Group Supervision and peer review.

Start Time: 6.30 till 8.45. / Tea & Coffee provided

Co-Coaching Forum Investment: £10.00 per event.

Full details including dates skill and experience level prerequisites of each event are indicated below.

New for 2020: Following on from our 2019 survey, “How We Support Members” and the success of the very first CPD Webinar we will be publishing a schedule of online CPD events, the first of which is in the planning stage, more information very soon – – we will keep all members up to date on this schedule.

Feedback from previous sessions:

A really informative session giving me a new perspective on different coaching models. It was an opportunity t explore different approaches and practice them with a great peer group. A relaxed, free flowing evening, excellent CPD event! ~ Sam Lister ~ Life Coach. 

 The co-coaching CPD session  I attended has changed my thinking of what other coaching structures are out there. Picked up a few useful ideas I want t try out in my coaching practice. ~ Sarah Humphries ~ Performance Coach 

 I’ve attended the Co Coaching Forum and it was really great experience. Exploring different coaching models has helped me develop a more comprehensive caching tool box and given me confidence to implement different coaching strategies as I grow my coaching practice. ~  Sadequr Rohman ~ Life Coach

2020 Co-Coaching Forum Schedule

February: 27th (Due to unforeseen circumstances, this Thursdays Co Coaching Forum is being postponed. I will set a new date ASAP. )

Theme: Revisiting the WHAT Conversational Coaching Process. For this session, there will be a short presentation on the WHAT Conversational Coaching Process and why it’s so effective followed by some co-coaching practise and feedback sessions. 

All levels of experience welcome. 

April: 23rd 

Theme: Group Supervision. Short intro outlining the value of supervision and the process of group supervision. Then a full group supervision session.

All levels of experience welcome. 

June: 25th 

Theme: The Role of the External Coach. This will be a presentation of the dynamics of the internal versus the external coach and how external coaches have a unique role in shaping a company culture when they work with senior leadership and management individuals. 

Some experience of working within organisations and with key decision-makers may be useful. 

October: 29th 

Theme: General co-coaching practice.

All levels of experience welcome. 

Additional events of interest in developing your coaching skill and practice are added regularly, so keep in touch. 

Additional Skill Development Guest Speakers & CPD Events of Interest

Coaching AuthenticallyCoaching Authentically

Have you ever wondered what makes a great coach a great coach?

Is it just the techniques they use, or is it something else?

What has, until now, stopped you finding your authentic style and voice?

This two-day course will help you to develop your own authentic coaching style. We will share with you a number of powerful models to liberate your natural abilities, allowing you to be fully present with your clients.

You will learn ways of letting go of the unhelpful inner stories you had been telling yourself and learn simple, powerful questions that challenge the judgments you might have had about yourself or your clients so that you can enjoy coaching authentically

During this two day workshop the concept of “Coaching Authentically” will be explored and modelled, this leads to the development of a clear strategy of what it means to be authentic in our coaching practice and how this leads to success.

Key areas of exploration include:

  • Beliefs
  • State Management
  • Coaching Identity

Along with practical tools and ideas that will enable you to develop your inner authentic coach.

Date: February 15th & 16th 2020

Time: 9.30 am-5.00 pm

Where: UKCPD

Investment: £259 plus vat

Additional details and booking page here:

Exploring Coaching ModelsExploring Coaching Models

This two-day workshop is highly participative and interactive, using facilitated discussion, presentations, case studies, and group work. A powerful new feature of this workshop is “live coaching sessions” from the platform which are video recorded and then played back and explored in detail to enable delegates to really develop a deep understanding of the coaching process.

The workshops promote reflective review and encourage delegates to find opportunities to apply the learning in their individual coaching practice and in the workplace.

This highly interactive workshop explores various coaching models, the structure of coaching sessions, contracting, and more.   Students will learn about the key strategies for setting up their practice, CPD professional memberships etc.   Students will get the opportunity to practice the various coaching models presented and get feedback as they integrate key learning outcomes, deepen their knowledge and coaching confidence and begin to develop their personal coaching style.

The workshop is delivered by experienced trainers in the field of coach training and as working organisational performance coaches.

The two days are action-packed, indicative key content includes:

Coaching Models

  • GROW
  • WHAT

The Coaching Process

  • Coaching Structure
  • Coaching Competencies
  • Contacting
  • Professional Memberships
  • CPD / Supervision etc.
  • And so much more

This two-day workshop is a key developmental part of our Level 5 Coaching Diploma and NLP Practitioner programme and an outstanding stand-alone CPD workshop for anyone working as a coach and keen to enrich their coaching skills. It is also designed to enhance the learning experience and deepen the knowledge and confidence base of those students learning and exploring Coaching Skills via our distance learning approach. All delegates will be offered a CPD Certificate. This workshop is delivered by Tony Nutley and Melanie Richens.

mBIT Coach Certification

Over the last decade, neuroscience has discovered we have complex and functional brains in both our hearts and gut. Called the cardiac and enteric brains, scientific evidence is emerging that these neural networks exhibit adaptive intelligence and wisdom.  Now, scientific knowledge is finally catching up with deep insights from esoteric and spiritual traditions, informing us for thousands of years about these three powerful intelligences.

Neuro Science has proven that we not only have one but three brains! In addition to the brain in the head, we also have a brain in our hearts and in our gastrointestinal system.  So what?

A question Marvin Oka and Grant Soosalu asked, and by combining the latest research in neuroscience with their long expertise in behavioural modelling, they have created a powerful model for how intelligence in all three brains can be accessed and used optimally.

Their book ’mBraining – Using Your Multiple Brains To Do Cool Stuff’, was released in 2012 and has taken the world by storm. mBIT stands for multiple Brain Integration Techniques and uses a suite of tools and techniques that transform mBraining theory into practice.

Who is this for?

The answer is simple – anyone who works with people. It can, for example, be all types of coaches, therapists, trainers, consultants, teachers, managers or mentors. We expect you to already know the basics of working with people. We build on that knowledge and give you a deep understanding of the mBIT toolkit that you can adapt to your own field of work. mBIT tools can be used on their own or as a complement to a variety of other tools and techniques.

Fully Accredited

As an mBIT Coach, your certification is accredited through the International Coach Federation and counts as CCEU resource credits. You also have the opportunity to have your name and contact information on both the global and regional mBIT website. Once you have passed the course, you can also use mBIT Coach logo in your marketing.

Date: March: February 28th to March 2nd (4-day workshop) 

Time: 9.30 am-5.00 pm

Where: UKCPD

Investment: £1300.00 plus vat

Additional details and booking page here:

The Meta Model – Unlocking Hidden Meaning

The Meta Model – Unlocking Hidden Meaning; How The Language We Use Can Delete, Distort and Generalize Our Thinking and Communication.  A Two-day workshop essential for all NLP Practitioners, Coaches and those that work with individuals and teams.

If you want to improve your general communication skills and the art of asking the right question at the right time, then this workshop is for you.

A Two-day workshop essential for all NLP Practitioners, Coaches and those that work with individuals and teams. The Meta Model gives us the structure to ask questions that help clients gain a deeper understanding of their current state and opens new ways of thinking and opportunities for personal and professional progress. If you want to improve your general communication skills and the art of asking the right question at the right time, then this workshop is for you.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for NLP Practitioners and coaches interested in developing their skills.

Register early to avoid disappointment.

Date:  April: 4th & 5th 

Time: 9.30 am-5.00 pm

Where: UKCPD

Investment: £245 plus vat

Additional details and booking page here:

Dealing With Anxiety (CPD Workshop)

A large proportion of clients who contact a life coach or NLP Practitioner want to overcome the symptoms of anxiety.

Anxiety can be triggered by a multitude of life events such as: sitting an exam, going into hospital, attending an interview, starting a new job, moving away from home, having a baby, being diagnosed with an illness, deciding to get married or divorced, delivering a presentation, giving a performance etc. etc.

This course gives coaches and practitioners the tools to understand anxiety and how to work effectively with anxious clients

Date: TBC

Additional info here. 

More CPD Events will be published very soon