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6 Steps To Your Best Year Ever – 2016 the year you say – YES I CAN!

Your Best Year Ever Launching January 2016! – Register NOW!

6 Steps To Your Best Year Ever is an online course that will help you unlock and enhance the resources you have with a mix of motivational and informative training videos supplemented with regular inspirational e-mails.

Research indicates that about 90 percent of the population set New Year Resolutions each January; unfortunately, it seems that less than 1 percent of this vast number actually makes progress on their goals. As you read this article you may recall your personal experience with setting goals or New Year Resolutions, and how you are just like the rest of the population.

The question is why?

The majority of people are well intentioned when they set personal goals, however most people set goals that are not well formed. This idea of well formed outcomes comes from the field applied positive psychology NLP; it’s like a framework that ensures a much higher success rate in personal and professional success.  This “6 Steps To Your Best Year Ever” motivational course will give you key learning’s and insights on how to break free from the unhelpful strategies that stop people achieving their goals.

The 6 parts are spread out over the year to ensure you stay motivated, focused and feed your mind with positive “can do”ideas and concepts.

6 Steps To Your Best Year Ever

The course is built around 6 key motivational and inspirational video lessons (six steps) and supplemented with a monthly e-mails containing key support material. Once you are registered you will be taken to a page with a welcome video some additional information, you will also revive a welcome e-mail. Each training video lesson is about 15 / 20 minutes long and will be supported with additional documents etc. There will be an opportunity to upgrade to “6 Steps To Your Best Year Ever Premium” for everyone that registers.

Launching January 2016! – Register NOW!